Ingenious Office Space

In our company, you will enjoy a highly ingenious office space, where all lighting products are designed and manufactured by ourselves. Hence it is not only a workplace, but also a home for us to have a break and make progress.
  • 办公环境1
  • 办公环境2
  • 办公环境3
  • 办公环境4
  • 办公环境5
  • 办公环境6

Elite Team Full of Passion

In our company, you will work together with the preeminent group of partners, who have diverse backgrounds, such as decision-makers who are good at calm thinking and activists who do well in pragmatic actions. Thanks to the think tank of such a great team, we can continuously manufacture new products and provide customers with a better lighting experience.


Welfare tour group construction

In our company, bonus and welfare are certainly indispensable such as holiday and birthday red envelopes, irregular luxury banquets, irregular high-end team building, irregular company tourism and other activities!

  • Social insurance

    Social insurance

  • Performance award

    Performance award

  • Full attendance award

    Full attendance award

  • Paid annual leave

    Paid annual leave

  • Holiday benefits

    Holiday benefits

  • Birthday benefits

    Birthday benefits

  • Company team building

    Company team building

  • Employee travel

    Employee travel

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